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Committed to crafting flawless jet tenders, Agilis places handling and safety at the cornerstone of its values; this concept is fully reflected in this truly innovative, exciting and stylish jet tender.

Engineered to the highest standards, their jet tenders are versatile and fun to drive. Whether you’re at the helm enjoying a long ride, carrying a full set of passengers ashore or wakeboarding out the back.

An expertly designed hull contributes to industry leading stability at both slow and high speeds and improves offshore performance. The inflatable tubes are made of ORCA engineered fabrics, which are highly regarded in the marine industry for their reliability and robustness.

Few manufacturers have the capability to produce truly tailored boats for each individual customer’s requirements. Agilis has proven time and time again that they are the ‘go to’ builder of quality bespoke jet tenders; whether is this is tube colour to match a mothership, upholstery to match your favourite fabrics at home, or simply a desire to have more of everything. Powerful yet refined, their jet tenders never cease to draw admirers.

As one of the world’s finest and most renowned manufacturers it is a privilege for us to represent Agilis Jet Tenders both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this fantastic brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of these wonderful boats.

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Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

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Maxym Starchenko, the owner of Agilis recalls:

I had a passion for boats since my childhood. I liked the power, ease and grace of their ploughing waves or still waters. Maybe that’s why I got a job in a boat manufacturing company right after graduation and worked for 10 years there, studying all the latest technologies in boat manufacturing and designing.

All my family was supportive of my passion for boats. While spending time on board and using a jet tender, I began to notice that not a single one can meet all our needs. It was then that I got the idea to create my own jet tender. We made a draft of our perfect tender and decided to start producing it. All our family members work for our company.

Taking into consideration our demands together with requirements of owners of various tenders, we try to meet diverse interests and needs of our customers and comply with world-class quality standards, using only materials from leading global vendors and cutting-edge technologies.