Yachting is about passion, emotion and soul. It’s an expression of joy and a recipe for vitality.

Always redefining the art of the possible, desire and innovation seamlessly combine for a truly irresistible experience. Exceptional style, performance and reliability are our hallmarks. Continually raising the bar of expectation, this unique approach is sector leading. With meticulous attention to detail, we are proud of our boats which redefine quality whether new or pre-owned.

Time to build memories…



Cruisers & Yachts

Only the very best brands, hull designs, engines, furnishings, appliances, equipment and other creature comforts form part of the Grosvenor Yachts repertoire.

Day & Support Boats

Expert design, technology and engineering excellence from bow to stern are the trademarks of Grosvenor Yachts’ boats; no detail is too small.

Warrantied Used Yachts

Utilising the considerable knowledge, expertise and experience of Grosvenor Yachts, highly desirable boats are presented to contemporary standards.



Grosvenor Yachts excels in the sales of both new and warrantied pre-owned motorised leisure yachts and boats.

Whilst handling has long been a criterion for assessing the eminence of a yacht, desirability and beauty are much more than a skin-deep fantasy. The enjoyment of the yachting experience and the quality of boat go hand in hand.

We work closely and sympathetically in partnership with you, using our experience and knowledge to identify the model of craft that best meets your requirements and budget. A personal touch instils confidence throughout the process, and our skilled approach ensures that each and every boat has presence, performance and unmistakable panache.

The Grosvenor Yachts brand has become a synonym for luxury, high quality and customer service.


Our Brands

It is a privilege for us to represent some of the world's finest and most renowned manufacturers of motor yachts, day boats, support boats and engines.

The immaculate detail and finish of a Grosvenor Yachts boat is class leading. Starting with the best brands of craft to begin with, in combination with the very finest of contemporary materials, the level of exterior and interior design, on-board technology and cabin comfort expected is achieved with care, skill and dedication.



Specialist Centres

Grosvenor Yachts has several specialist centres offering a unique and impressive collection of products fulfilling a wide variety of boating requirements. Please do let us know how to best we can help you.


Passion leads to experience, experience leads to excellence, excellence leads to dreams!



Enjoy the excitement and thrill of our magnificent yachts.

Jaw-dropping performance, bold and evocative design, a sense of occasion that unleashes your sentiments, along with fine dining and romance in glorious natural settings are all part of your vocabulary.

The quality of our boats are a result of our dedication. That’s why they are Grosvenor yachts. Quite simply, we are here to exceed your expectations and make your dreams a reality.



We exist to create experiences where passion and the marine environment come together in harmony. Our love of the sea demands our commitment to your safety, protection of the environment, maritime education and training and shared ethical values.

We want to assist you in having the very best possible experience and would be grateful if you take notice of the following information.


Guidelines when Viewing Vessels


Guidelines for Sea Trials


How to Buy a Used Yacht


Better to be Safe and Sound


Guide to Yachting Standards


Boating Abroad


Getting in Touch

In addition to our range of new and pre-owned motor yachts, day boats, tenders and engines, if you have a specific requirement we are more than happy to assist. Please do get in contact with us if we can be of help. Call us on 0330 11 30 800 between 9:00am and 5:30pm on Monday to Friday.