There is little doubt that 2020 has been a highly unusual year.

With great challenges regarding the spread of Covid-19 the UK government has introduced, repealed and subsequently reintroduced a range of measures to stem the spread of this virus. At a time of increasing propagation and therefore risk, every once in a while one comes across a novel and innovative solution.

A day or so ago I happened to be passing one of the local beaches near to our Falmouth office and there sat proudly in the middle was Santa’s grotto complete with flip flops and surfboard. Of course, the beaches are designated a public space and as such enjoy a different status from other more private outdoor spaces.

With a gentle rustling of his beard there was then the ubiquitous words uttered, “Yo dude, have you been a good boy…”

With all the best wishes and thoughts from all at Grosvenor Yachts during this festive period. Thank you for all of your kindness throughout the year.