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Silent Yachts presents the first and only ocean going production yachts in the world that are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy. Pure solar-powered luxury.

Everything started with a piece of white paper, a pencil and a spirit for innovation. Silent Yachts was founded on the dream of eliminating the major downfalls of yachting as well as the minimising the effects on the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of luxury. The future of luxury yachting is individualistic, noiseless, self-sufficient and honouring nature and the environment.

Imagine starting every morning with an awe inspiring sunrise and ending the day with a breathtaking sunset! Watch, smell, feel nature whilst taking care of the environment. Ease out, relax and enjoy the most beautiful and interesting places to cruise on Earth.

A new class of yachting is on the rise.

The raft of awards that this marque has amassed doesn’t even start to describe the standing of the Silent Yachts’ boats. Simply astounding is more apt, because the user experience is so individually tailored and the adoption of tried and tested technology so seamless. These are yachts built for real world cruising with real world capability; the fact that their environmental credentials are superlative hasn’t diminished their true role of luxurious cruising.

As one of the world’s finest and most renowned manufacturers it is a privilege for us to represent Silent Yachts both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this fantastic brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of these wonderful yachts.

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Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

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Michael & Heike Köhler are the solar-pioneers behind Silent Yachts.

Upon completing his University studies, Michael practiced law for several years prior to following his life-long interest in the marine industry.

As both their hearts were longing for the open blue, they travelled the oceans for over 23 years on conventionally powered sailboats and motorboats. They both spent over 5000 days on board of their yachts and sailed over 75,000 NM around the world. The experiences they gathered during more than two decades at sea lead them to the conclusion that there had to be a more efficient way to supply yachts with energy. After four years of continuous research, this lead to the birth of the Solarwave 46 in 2009.

It was nothing less than the first ocean-going yacht which exclusively used solar energy not only for actual propulsion, but also to provide energy to all household appliances on board. This included everything ranging from cooktops, stoves and the freezer to the air conditioning, washing-machine and water-maker.

In 2010, a rigorous four year sea trial was initiated in which they crossed the entire continent of Europe by river, sailed the dangerous Black Sea, the stormy Aegean as well as the vast Mediterranean Sea. Throughout the journey, the Solarwave 46 not only accommodated them with convenient amenities such as onboard water production, cooling and heating. It additionally accommodated eight guests on board with all the comfort needed for a total period of 120 weeks.

Furthermore, it was able to power the engines every day under various circumstances such as rain, cloudy sky, sun, snowfall, ice and even storms of force 9. It is noteworthy that during this four year period there were no maintenance or repair works required on the solar panels, the batteries or the electric engine. The generator, which has to be on board for safety reasons, was working for less than 50 hours during those 48 months – primarily to avoid becoming rusty. On the other hand, the electric motors were operating for more than 2000 hours for the same period of time with no maintenance needed.

After all those years of dedicated trials, this was the proof that the solar-electric drivetrain they had developed was the answer to the question they were asking themselves during the ocean expeditions. It is the most effective, efficient and reliable choice for nautical propulsion and self-sufficient sailing as well as being perfectly suitable for an independent life on board.

As a result they have now given over 150 lectures worldwide regarding the energy supplies and propulsion on yachts.

The only natural conclusion was to establish a yacht manufacturing company and share this great body of knowledge for others to enjoy.