Take your passion for cycling into a whole new frontier.

Innovation is what drives Manta5: Challenging the status quo and a visionary fresh approach is what sets them apart. Exploring the unknown and seeking out the most beautiful and intriguing places the marine world has to offer.

With a strong affinity to the outdoors, water bike riders understand the health and wellbeing benefits of being active and trying something different. The Manta5 bikes have something to offer not only for seasoned cyclists and thrill seekers, but also those simply looking for a great activity to share with their family and friends.

The team at Manta5 have created and nurtured a vibrant community of foiling riders around the world. At every stage, Manta5 celebrates their riders as they take their first steps to a launch, learn new techniques, and start to push the boundaries of this new and exciting sport.

We are delighted to represent Manta5 who produce these extremely desirable, hydrofoiling water bikes. Winning numerous awards for both technical achievement and product quality, this is a company that has worked steadfastly and passionately to develop a water bike that genuinely provides the feeling of cycling whilst being fully immersed in the beauty of a marine environment.

As a dedicated and innovative manufacturer, it is a privilege for us to represent Manta5 both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this pioneering brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of these truly revolutionary and ‘must have’ accessories for your yacht.

For more information please do get in contact with us.

Thank you.

Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

Manta5 Hydrofoiling Bicycles for Sale


The Manta5 Hydrofoiling bike takes the cycling experience and elevates it on water.

From the beginning, the founding Manta5 crew quickly became hooked on the thrilling and surreal experience of flying over the water’s surface. This combination of outdoor activity whilst feeling at one with the environment was completely novel and created a welcome break from the pressures of modern life. Created by their founder Guy Howard-Willis, this initial dream and its loyal community of followers has now transformed into a global brand.

Just like a high-performance bicycle, Manta5 envisioned a concept that was lightweight, fast, agile, easy to transport and to assemble. The early human-powered prototypes revealed a vast number of subtle complexities, especially the hydrofoils and propeller profiles, and their position relative to each other. On top of this, the rider would need to launch from the beach, jetties or from deep water, without settling for any existing bulky buoyancy or hulls.

Manta5’s profile exploded internationally when their prototype won Gold in the Concept Category at the 2017 Best Awards. The video submission was picked up by media companies the world over and the exposure resulted in over 350 million video views on Facebook alone.

Since then, Manta5 has successfully manufactured the Hydrofoiler XE-1 in the numbers required to meet popular demand whilst never compromising on quality. In addition, they released the first international deliveries of hydrofoil bikes into both the United States and Europe. To add to their notable accomplishments, Manta5 has also set a new world record crossing the New Zealand’s most notorious body of water, the Cook Strait, riding 24 km on a hydrofoil bike between the North and South Island of New Zealand.

“The bike will come into its own, marking the birth of a new sport.” Red Bull

“With a cruising speed of around 10 mph, this offers tremendous opportunities for waterborne exploration” Gear Junkie