It all starts with water! Time to pick up some waves and splash your way to fun and relaxation…

Jobe are the industry leaders in watersports for all the family. Not only do they have an incredible range of products, from towables to SUPs, sea scooters to yacht pools, they are right at the forefront of innovation. If you are new to watersports or a more advanced rider, just ask and Jobe will have something to suit your style. Always looking for new ways to maximise your fun and enjoyment with a keen eye on value, ease of use and customer service.

The Jobe range will keep you smiling, splashing and exploring.

We are delighted to represent Jobe who are recognised in the industry as a manufacturer with a forward thinking approach and a real sense of inclusivity. Jobe believe that everyone can enjoy the water and they certainly reflect this in their range. They stand behind their products and offer an enviable 3 year warranty on a huge number of items.

As one of the most popular watersports manufacturers it is a privilege for us to represent Jobe both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this innovative brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of their extensive range of family friendly products.

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Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

Jobe Products for Sale


Innovative Fun

Since the beginning, Jobe have always sought to innovate. As part of this ethos, in the beginning of 2020, Jobe released their brand new Infinity Collection. This product line is especially designed to create an extra luxurious feeling to your yacht and for you to expand your yacht until infinity! After months and months of creating and developing the perfect collection, Jobe proudly present their newest showpiece.

The Infinity Collection brings you the opportunity to create a sensational playground behind your yacht, a safe swimming area with no interference from (jelly)fish or any other sea creatures, extremely comfortable and adjustable chairs for ultimate relaxing, all the accessories for a careless day on the water and endless possibilities for mixing and matching your Jobe toys.

Future Thrills

Jobe have also kept an eye on the main trends coming up in 2021 in their wakeboard range. Wakeboarding is growing, cable parks are a major trend for boarders of all abilities and what could be better than wakeboarding behind a boat!
For the future, the Jobe design philosophy over their entire range is Form Follows Function. This means that design meets functionality and this shows in Jobe’s high-end wake collection. Jobe have got some insane new constructions coming up in their new wakeboard range. Think of adding carbon but also playing with new honeycomb Carbon plates. The result, a high-end wakeboard collection which is incredibly light and responsive like never before.

Jobe also have some exciting new SUP innovations on their way. There have been a lot and exciting new changes for the new collection making this the most innovative range in the market. Jobe showcase their Form Follows Function design pilospohy in their Integrated Leash System for instance, which has a sleek looking system for the bungee cord instead of patches on a SUP. Another really exciting new feature is their EZ-click fin, the name might give it away. You can easily click this fin in. It’s a whole new finbox system which makes for a fin which is lock tight and won’t budge, even if you bump into rocks while exploring off a beach.

Whether you are buying your first wakeboard, gaining some advanced SUP skills or putting together a package of fun for your new yacht, Jobe’s new ranges and ongoing quest for perfection is guaranteed to get you and your guests a great time on the water!