Heesen Yachts

A convergence of design, engineering and emotion that can only belong to a brand as remarkable as Heesen Yachts.

Each Heesen motor yacht is a handmade, unique masterpiece of timeless design. The shipyard gives their utmost and undivided attention to the owner’s personal visions, emotions, wishes and needs while planning and building each individual yacht, which is exactly tailored to the owner’s personality, taste and aspirations.

Today, Heesen Yachts is one of the most appreciated and sought after yacht brands not only because of the broad range of it’s fleet, but also due to its immaculate quality standards that meet any international specification. More than just a symbol of the best traditions of shipbuilding, these yachts are destined to become the trademark of excellence for many years to come. Practising an uncompromising and unbridled passion for yachting: a tradition that has lived on throughout the decades. Heesen Yachts have been inspired to combine exquisite form with practical functionality and are the ultimate synthesis of this higher design approach; the right balance between both technical and emotional requirements.

Featuring the very best in cutting-edge innovation, exceptional handling and dynamism, and extraordinary levels of comfort and opulence, these impressive yachts are specifically engineered for a thrillingly addictive experience.

With the opportunity to incorporate and implement all your wishes, needs and desires on your new yacht, your imagination is the only limit. Heesen Yachts are one of the most sought after builders of refined luxurious superyachts, known for their exceptional performance, cutting-edge technology and timeless design. Every Heesen yacht is a really unique masterpiece, perfectly reflecting a personal character which has been developed and planned by the owner.

As one of the world’s finest and most renowned manufacturers it is a privilege for us to feature Heesen Yachts. On this website I can only offer a taste of this fantastic brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of these wonderful yachts.

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Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts


Based on the solid principles of their founding father Frans Heesen, who acquired Striker Boats back in 1978 and subsequently renamed the company, this world-renowned shipyard has created some of the most stunningly elegant, sculpturally creative and luxurious yachts ever to grace the seas, all with exceptional standards of engineering and meticulous attention to detail. Now, almost four decades later, Heesen has the capability to produce ground-breaking world class superyachts with effortless fluency. And although Frans stepped back from the company in 2012, his mission to create yachts that push the boundaries still lives on today.

More than 170 yachts have left the shipyard in Oss since 1978. Each creation captures the owner’s dreams, while staying true to Heesen’s distinguished signature and character. If you can dream it, Heesen can build it. There are many shipyards claiming they can do this, but few actually can. And even fewer who can do it on time and within budget. Heesen has been delivering on this promise for over 40 years. Yacht after yacht. Because building your dream yacht should be as pleasant as owning one; their true success is creating the ultimate yacht experience for their clients.

Challenged only by their client’s dreams there’s no limit to what Heesen’s designers, engineers and craftsmen can achieve.