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We offer a wide selection of preowned yachts and boats all of which have been rigorously checked and tested before they become approved and warrantied. The desirability of a new vessel but at an affordable price.

Starting with only well regarded manufacturers of craft to begin with, in combination with the very finest of contemporary materials and most reliable project management techniques, it is possible to realise a highly desirable yet affordable yacht. A yacht resembling new boat quality yet without the often punitive financial penalties associated with the ownership of such craft.

If something is of interest in our current listings please contact our sales team to arrange a viewing or to ask any questions you may have. Also, if you don’t see your dream boat listed here, then do let us know what you’re looking for – we could well have just the thing on the horizon.

Time to build memories.

Let us welcome you to a new class of boating.

Quality of Service

Boats marked as ‘stock’ have been thoroughly inspected by our service team and prepared for sale. All items of equipment, including engines, gearboxes and propulsion drives, listed in the specification will work in a reasonable fashion given the specific age of the component at time of customer demonstration (unless marked otherwise and specifically excluded from the boat’s specification). Our preparation usually also includes a clean, polish, antifoul and engine service where necessary. You will be invited for a comprehensive handover during which the boat’s equipment will be demonstrated and any queries you may have explained.

Grosvenor Yachts believes that it is a privilege to operate in this breathtaking industry and takes great pride in their boats and after sales service. Ever increasing excellence in sales and aftercare service is very hard to achieve and is a constant motivating goal. We work hard to safeguard the goodwill of our highly satisfied customers and have been fortunate to earn an enviable reputation, by treating all of our customers with respect and fairness.

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