Freestyle Cruiser

Thrilling slides, yacht climbing walls, water trampolines, bespoke docking stations to precisely fit your yacht, somewhere to dock your waterplane, entire adventure playgrounds…whatever you can imagine, Freestyle Cruiser can make it happen!

Only on water can you launch yourself from a daringly steep slide, knowing that it will end in a huge splash and lots of giggles. On water you can climb high up an inflatable climbing wall in the heat of the sun, fall off, cool off and do it all over again. It’s impossible to worry when bouncing on a water trampoline or playing tag with your family in a waterpark.

Time to wake up your inner child who just wants to have fun.

We are delighted to represent Freestyle Cruiser who produce yacht inflatables for the most discerning superyacht and megayacht clients. Whether you opt for a bespoke product or choose from one of their many exciting and innovative product ranges, you are sure to have fun with Freestyle Cruiser. Just let us know your dreams and ideas, and we have no doubt that with Freestyle, it can be made inflatable.

As one of the world’s finest and most renowned bespoke inflatables manufacturers it is a privilege for us to represent Freestyle Cruiser both in London and throughout the United Kingdom. On this website I can only offer a taste of this established brand; nonetheless I shall try to give you a flavour of this highly respected company.

For more information please do get in contact with us.

Thank you.

Charles Fowler
Managing Director – Grosvenor Yachts

Freestyle Cruiser Products for Sale


Freestyle Cruiser has dominated the yachting industry’s inflatable toy market since it created the world’s first sealed-air inflatable waterslide for yachts in 2009. Since then, Freestyle has custom fit nearly 1,000 yachts with inflatable products.

To ensure your safety, all of Freestyle Cruiser’s designs meet or exceed all of the US, European, Canadian and Australian standards for recreational inflatable structures and for extra security, slides include a safety launch net at the top of all of their yacht slides.

These yacht slides have a body which is constructed with highest grade material in the industry. Freestyle Cruisers’ slides are made with 29 oz Firmatex TM reinforced PVC vinyl and the slide internals are made with Ripstop material to eliminate tearing and delamination and abrasion at the seams. The slide internals use the strongest textile welding process in the industry. Freestyle slide seams are double, hot-air welded with T-welds to ensure no air loss. These welded seams are incomparably stronger than sewn seams and as a result require less maintenance.

For their yacht slides, Freestyle place extra reinforcement in heavily used areas and the extremely strong lash rings hold up to 500 kilograms. These rings are fused with electro-magnetic energy through radio frequency welding. Each individual ring can hold more weight than the weight of the entire slide.

Surfaces are protected with easy-to-deploy Air Stair entry steps. Custom designed by FreeStyle to protect the paint and fixtures on your yacht, Air Stairs are compact, easy to use and store. Crafted to endure heavy use and allow for easy, quick repairs.

The UV resistant slide cover ensures fast, cool rides. Made from super slick Firmatex specially developed to optimize speed and resist heat. As a result, the ride is mere seconds, but the adrenaline rush will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day!

In addition to their many slide and waterpark inflatables, Freestyle Cruiser’s inflatable jet ski docks are a versatile floating platform designed to dock jet skis and Seabobs, with safe, easy access. The jet ski docks are made with welded seams using drop stitch material that can support thousands of pounds for a variety of uses. Each FreeStyle jet ski dock can be fully customised to your specific size requirement. There is no limit, Freestyle have made docks for jet skis to seaplanes. As a finishing touch, choose from an array of colours and add your own personalised yacht logo.